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My Treadmill Is Trying to Kill Me

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Over the weekend, by a stroke of pure genius/insanity, I finally decided to get into shape. According to my plan, today would be the first day of exercise. I dusted off my old treadmill (aka clothes hanger), and went out to the shed to dig out my old sneakers. I’ve had them since 1999 and sadly they’re still perfectly fine. Only the slightly yellowed shoelaces and their somewhat squished appearance from having been stuffed under a box of books for a few years, gives any indication that they’re not in fact brand new. I mashed my chest into a sports bra that gave me a nice firm uniboob, and put on some old gym clothes. I made sure the TV was hooked up to the dvd-player so I could watch whilst exercising, and then I went back out to the shed to dig up my collection of The O.C. dvds. I was completely prepared for a good time.

I got on the treadmill (it still worked!) and started the easiest program and timed it to 40 minutes. The program said it would go over sixteen intervals, starting at 3 km/h, slowly build up to a top speed of 7 km/h, and then ease down to 3 again at the end. For the first five minutes it was all dandy. And then all hell broke loose.

It all happened in a matter of seconds. Instead of speeding up to 4 km/h, like we’d agreed, my treadmill decided to play a practical joke on me. It passed right by 4 km/h, which was supposed to be the speed for the next interval, and was moving up towards 5. Okay, I thought, Maybe I’ve misread the program overview. It’s all good. When it didn’t stop accelerating at 5, but moved swiftly up towards 6, I still thought I might have misread the program. As it moved up towards 7, I figured I’d simply repressed how quickly we were going to reach top speed. I was now jogging at a brisk pace (brisk for me, anyway), hoping this interval would be short. As the treadmill speed passed right by 7 km/h, moving towards 8, I knew the damn thing was fucking with me.

7 km/h was supposed to be top speed of this program, dammit! As the speed passed right over 8 km/h, moving towards 9, I was officially worried. Luckily, the speed stabilised at 9 km/h, because I don’t think I could have lived through 10. Not that 9 was treating me gently either. That might be a nice speed for more seasoned joggers than myself, but I was getting winded at 6. Hey, at least I’m making an effort, right? Baby steps. Anyway, I kept up for about fifteen seconds and then noticed that I was moving slightly backwards. I was running too slow. A few seconds more, and I would get thrown into the wall behind me. I hoped the neighbours – who share that wall with me – weren’t home. I grabbed for the treadmill dashboard and punched it till I hit the pause button. Thankfully, the treadmill figured it had had enough fun on my behalf, and slowed gently to a stop. I jumped off.

I called Boyfriend for assistance, as he’s somewhat of a tech-whisperer, and also, since the treadmill had worked just fine when he’d tried it an hour or so earlier. Of course it had. So he did his magic, and by that I mean he double-checked and confirmed that I hadn’t in fact chosen the wrong program. Then he restarted it for me, and walked for five minutes until the speed increased to the 4 km/h interval and stabilised there, before he let me take over. It worked fine from thereon out. Boyfriend wasn’t able to figure out why the treadmill had gone crazy on me the first time, but I know. It’s out to get me. But now I’m prepared, and I won’t be surprised at the next sneak attack. I’m going to get into shape even if it kills me. BRING IT ON!


Fifty Shades of Vomit Green – Part 3

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Following is the third and final part of my review on the book “Fifty Shades of Grey”. If anyone’s still with me, I admire your tenacity. For any newcomers, I warn you, I do tend to rant. Part one and two can be found here and here, or in the posts just below.

The Writing

Now, I know I’ve expressed a lot of negative opinions about this book so far. But this is where I get to the good part. Because the writing, that was just amazing! It was probably my favourite part of the book. I’ve learned a lot of fancy words, I’ll tell you that. And yet, it was never boring. For instance, you’d think there’d only be so many ways to describe an orgasm, right? Wrong! I’ve learned that you can describe one with pretty much every adjective in the dictionary. Throw in an adverb or two as well, and you’re golden.

Also, the author obviously knows how to make a good spin on a sticky situation. I can imagine that it must be hard to describe a good sex scene and not unintentionally turn the reader off in the progress. However, E.L. James does this masterfully! I don’t think she ever used the real words for the character’s fuck parts. Ana’s hoohoo was her “sex”. Christian’s dingle-dangle was his “considerable length”. Instead of a room smelling like sweaty genitalia and body fluids, the smells were “a heady mix”. Heady, indeed. Just by the simple act of swapping out a few words, the situation instantly sounds more dignified, less awkward, more beautiful. I was enthralled and totally distracted from the more unfortunate aspects of love-making that went discretely unmentioned. Not once did I consider that their beautiful love instruments might have been kinda smelly after round one in the sack and wouldn’t that have put a damper on the oral sex that followed, or whether Christian was as immaculately shaved down there as he demanded of his women, or that Ana in fact didn’t seem to shave all that often and wouldn’t that hurt during sex if her hair got caught and pulled in, or how having sex when sore inside should have felt like being tortured with barbed-wire, or that the tub water must have slowly turned red from all the coochie blood when they were doing it fire truck style in the hotel room, and that the semen must have been swimming around in the water sticking to their bodies, and how often does the maid REALLY clean the tub drains anyway, and how bad will her day suck when she has to fish the used tampon out of the toilet. Nope. Not once did I consider that.

I think the most fun part of the technical writing was the author’s fondness of describing Ana’s every thought, as they popped into her head. The expletives alone holds a potential of unlimited hours of fun: I could make a drinking game out of all the times the phrase “oh crap” was used. To be fair, the author did seem to have a good handle on her thesaurus, often mixing it up a little with “oh shit” to keep the reader guessing. To make our game more interesting we could make it so that every time Ana says “oh crap” you do a shot, and every time she says “oh shit”, I do one. Got it? Okay. The one who gets alcohol poisoning and/or dies first, loses. Or maybe they win. I don’t know. In the end it all comes down to just how badly you wish you could forget ever having read this steaming pile of crap. Or shit.

Tinkerbell aka the Inner Goddess. Image by Disney, or whoever pimps her out these days.

The cherry on top of this literary sundae, however, is definitely the inner goddess. What a brilliant way to externalize Ana’s feelings, making them more palpable for the reader and not at all annoying! In the beginning the goddess struck me as a metaphor for Ana’s inner “feminist”, making sure to hold on to Ana’s dignity and female power when dealing with the opposite sex. That image quickly changed. Soon I kept seeing the inner goddess in my mind as this horny little Tinkerbell figure – rapidly turning into the very essence of Ana’s id – raging against her totally dull subconscious/superego counterpart who just kept insisting on being so darn rational. Lord knows you can’t argue with rational people, so you’d better learn to hit the ignore button. Ana was a master at hitting the button. And how the author even managed to intertwine such quintessential Freudian sub-characters into a story about exploration of sexual limitations, is just a stroke of genius. Oh wait, now I’m confused. I’m not even sure if I’m being sarcastic anymore. Alright, time to wrap things up, then.

My Opinion Summarized

There are a lot of things I didn’t like about this book, most some a few of which I’ve already told you. I always have difficulties enjoying a book when I don’t like the main characters. However, the only thing that can really make me hate a book is if it’s boring. This book wasn’t boring. How could it be, what with all the raging hate it stirred up in me? There’s something to be said for a book that can make me feel so passionately about a main character, even though the feeling is extremely negative. I believe the author wanted her readers to dislike Christian at times, although maybe not with the fiery passion that I experienced. I suppose I was meant to forgive him just a little every time he put on his charming smile or showed a rare smidge of vulnerability. No dice. He’ll have to do better than that.

A positive thing about this book was that it did manage to surprise me a few times, especially towards the end. I loved the ending! Well, mostly, I did. It was a little more sentimental than I’d hoped. Other than that, it brought me hope that maybe Christian can be saved after all, or at the very least tone down the cruelty. And maybe, just maybe Ana can develop a personality and some self-respect. A reader can only dream.

To really sum it up nice and easy, I didn’t like this book very much. I’d give it two stars out of five. Vanilla has never tasted better. However, the ending did give me hope that the next book might not completely suck. And I’m not just saying that because I’ve already bought it. Okay, maybe I am.

Finally, to my best friend: I’m really and truly sorry for getting you this stinker for your birthday. I totally blame myself for you now thinking you actually like this shit. I swear I’ll do better at Christmas!

Fifty Shades of Vomit Green – Part 2

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Following is the second part of my ranting review of the book “Fifty Shades of Grey”. The first part – aka the short introduction – can be found here, or, you know, in the post below this one. I know I initially said I would split the review in two halves, but my polishing on the second part made it nearly twice as long as it originally was. Apparently, I have a lot to get off my chest. So, for your convenience, I split the text yet again. The third (and final, I swear!) part of the review will be posted over the weekend.

The Characters

Anastasia Steele.

I found Ana’s personality a little on the dull side. I mean, as much as a girl can be dull while still having painful sex with a Dominant every other night. She didn’t really seem to have any particular interests besides Christian, although she seemed mildly interested in publishing. Her inner monologues were repetitive, and her constant references to her “inner goddess” were grating on my last nerve by the time I finished the book. Basically, I found Ana’s voice bland and her personality underdeveloped, a lot like many other heroines in romance novels these days. Her character seemed at times to be nothing more than a surveillance camera lens; just there to show us what’s going on without colouring the perspective.

The most interesting part about Ana was her name. Anastasia Steele. With a name like that I suppose her parents really must not have had high hopes for her. I figure she was doomed to either end up like she did; a submissive sex slave, or alternatively, in a promising career doing clown porn. Personally, I think she made the wrong choice.

I think what I disliked most about her, though, was that she stayed with Christian. Every time she considered leaving him, I screamed at her to go. And every time she stayed, I was more disappointed than the last. I really did feel for her – boring people are human too – and I guess that’s what made it so hard not to be upset with her. It’s hard to care for a person who refuses to take care of herself.

Christian Grey.

Now, this guy was anything but boring. He was an asshole, sure, but he was not a boring asshole. At first, from a distance, he seemed like the perfect man. He was attractive, smart, accomplished and very, very confident. And any girl can tell you; confidence is hot. He initially seemed oddly protective of Ana, and my vicarious butterflies liked that a lot. It didn’t take him long to kill them all, though.

Soon enough, he revealed his true self. Unfortunately, it wasn’t before Ana had developed a big-time crush. He turned out not to be protective at all, even though he claimed to be. Instead he was genuinely controlling, wanting to possess Ana like an object. An object he enjoyed hurting. Her self-esteem plummeted after she hooked up with him, and he had the nerve to act clueless as to why. What’s worse is, so did she! He was jealous, not in a good way, but in a dangerous way. He threatened her, demeaned her (even outside of the RRoP) and repeatedly caused her both physical and emotional pain. Maybe it’s just me, but I find these traits in a man a huge turn off. It seemed to me like Ana mostly liked him for his good looks, and maybe his wealth and power. I don’t know. She can’t possibly have truly believed there were no other fish in the sea. Better, respectful and loving fish, even.

It’s obvious that Christian is also a victim here, or that he once was, as a child. Mostly it’s obvious because we were told, but also because nobody gets this screwed up all on their own. We know he was molested as a teenager, and neglected, starved and otherwise physically and emotionally abused as a toddler. As a result, he seems to have developed a seriously ambivalent attachment pattern, and maybe a personality disorder or two. We know that children who are abused runs a higher risk than others to turn into abusive adults themselves. So I suppose it could be worse, and I’m assuming that’s what Christian was referring to when he said that he wasn’t molested by Mrs R. at all, in fact, he was saved. He could easily have become a raving psychopath, but instead he found catharsis for his aggressive impulses through S&M. And, you know, that would be fine if his “Sub” was actually into it as well, but Ana’s obviously not. She seems more like she’s trapped. Even though I can understand Christian, I can’t find it in myself to forgive him. I can only imagine how exhausted poor Dr. Flynn must be.

Christian did have his good moments, though. He could be charming and funny, and every once in a while I hoped along with Ana that there might be hope for him yet. Sadly, his good qualities weren’t nearly enough to redeem his unforgivable ones, although Ana and I seem to disagree on this point. However, towards the end of the book it seemed like maybe he might be able to love after all. I guess the next book will tell (yeah, I went ahead and bought the whole damn trilogy at once).

The rest of them.

In order not to kill you with the very length of this review, I won’t say too much about the other characters – even though some of them were my favourite ones. I liked Ana’s best friend Kate a lot. Mostly because she seemed to agree with me, and also because she had a personality. She seemed feisty and fun, she didn’t put up with anyone’s crap, and she had an actual working intuition. She could tell from the very start that Christian was creepy, even before the rest of us were clued in. Every time she yelled at him, or made a snide comment to tick him off, she had me giggling with glee. I was hoping she’d find Ana’s contract or walk in on one of Christian’s bedroom beatings, or something. I expect she will, though. You don’t put a character like her – a journalist like her – in a book like this and NOT write a plot twist where she threatens to expose the bastard to the world. I can’t wait for that part!

I also liked Kate’s boyfriend, Elliot. He seemed like such a sweet guy, making Kate so happy! Too bad he and Kate weren’t more central to the story. Most of the time I wished the book was about them instead. Sigh.

The other men in Ana’s life, like José and that guy from the hardware store, seemed to be made up by the author only to make sure we knew how desirable Ana was, and how very cool she was to blow them all off. I do however see a love triangle in the making, involving Kate’s brother, Ethan. He and Ana didn’t interact a whole lot in this book, but there were hugs and stuff, and something about them moving in together? Oh well. Probably wishful thinking on my part. Besides, the books aren’t called Fifty Shades of Normal Dude.

Ana’s mother was quite the character. Well not really. She was pretty much like Bella’s mother: ditzy, yet oddly perceptive about her daughter’s rather unconventional relationship. Although, I do suspect that Mrs. Adams bears a quite a few secrets of her own, and I’m intrigued to find out whether I’m right about her. I expect I will. Tsk, tsk.

To be continued. Again.

Fifty Shades of Vomit Green – Part 1

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This week I finally got around to reading the much-talked-about debut novel ”Fifty Shades of Grey” by author E. L. James. I realize I’m late to the party, but I usually like to read other people’s opinions on books before I go ahead and buy them. The local library in my town is stocked with lots of translated works, so in order to read books in English, I have to buy them. That’s why I like to be relatively certain that I’ll like it before investing in it.

This book left me feeling confused, angry, violated, and a little bit turned on. I ask your forgiveness in advance for the long and ranting review that follows. For your convenience I’ve divided it into two posts, and I’ve headlined the content so you can jump straight to the parts that may interest you. Following is part one of my review; I’ll post the second part in a few days.

What I Knew Going In

What I knew about this book before I read it was that it was a debut novel and that everybody was talking about it. Well, nobody I knew in real life, but just about everybody on the celebrity gossip blogs (yeah, I read those) and everyone on the comment section for the book on Amazon. Uh. Yeah. I guess they would be. Anyways, I had gathered that the trend was that people generally had strong feelings about this book; they either loved it or hated it. Surprisingly few fell in between.

Also, I knew the book was a romance, and heavy on the, uh, physical aspects of love. I’d heard that the author was a previous Twilight fan fiction writer, and supposedly, this book was similar to Twilight in many, although naughtier, ways. Alright. Now, let’s dissect.

Twilight Comparisons

Let’s start with the Twilight comparisons. I found that the story does in fact sometimes resembles Twilight, but in very shallow ways. For instance the male lead is this larger than life, bronzed hair, hotness personified kind of guy with a fat bank account and stalker tendencies, who seems to know exactly what our heroine (or victim, if you will) is thinking. The story is set in the state of Washington, the heroine constantly chews her lip, and has never shown interest in a guy before, even though the men in her life are all swooning at her feet. Of course, she falls all over herself when she meets Christian, simply because he’s hot. Some of the dialogue in this book brings on Twilight flashbacks, like when Christian is criticizing Ana’s vehicle, doubting that it can make it safely to Seattle. Some of the scenes are even more similar to Twilight, almost directly taken from the book, like when Ana and Christian visits a café/restaurant and the waitress is swooning at his feet, while he’s ignoring her completely. Bella, uh, I mean Ana, points out his dazzling effect on women, her included, although she uses the word disarming instead of dazzling. There are lots of superficial similarities like this, but otherwise I don’t find this book anything like Twilight at all.

The “Romance”

When I read on the back cover on a book that it’s romantic, liberating and totally addictive, I expect it to center around a love story. This is no love story. At all. This is a story of one royally screwed up guy (pun intended), who lays claim on a woman like the world hasn’t seen since the days of slavery trade. Most of the book is just sex, and not in a good way. I’ll admit that I did know before reading it that this book had aspects of S&M, but really I just expected a little light bondage… you know, because Rihanna made it sound like so much fun. Turns out, I’m not that into what this book is selling. In its defense, there were scenes that were oddly tantalizing, fun in a kinky kind of way. And then there were the scenes that made me want to reach into the book and strangle the life out of Christian Grey until the light in his fucked up smoldering grey eyes died out, like the Schwarzenegger cyborg’s at the end of the Terminator.

To be continued.

Of Mafia, War and Crazy Mothers

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When I met Boyfriend back in high school, there were a few things that we immediately bonded over: our mutual distaste for boiled mutton, our common interest in exploring third base, and our appreciation for the awesome band Kaizer’s Orchestra. To this day, these remain some of the strongest points of agreement between us. As the first two are rather self-explanatory, I’ll skip ahead to the third one. Not to say this one isn’t also self-explanatory for those who’ve heard Kaizer’s music. They have a really distinct sound, and I guess they fit in the alternative rock category. Their lyrics are usually dark and twisted, always open for interpretation, and all in Norwegian. Despite the language barrier this poses for many fans, the band has been succesful even outside of Scandinavia. I think that in itself speaks volumes about their excellence.

One of their first hits was the riveting “Kontroll på Kontinentet“, which tells the story of a mafia boss who fakes his own death and funeral in order to figure out who among his subjects has betrayed him. As she confesses her sins over his coffin, he learns that his sister is the snitch. The story does not end well for her.

The following albums kept on telling the stories about this mafia family, as well as stories of war, russian roulette, and more. One of my personal favourites is the calm and lovely “Christiania”, the story of a man who is being interrogated by the police for what I presume is a murder. In the chorus he states over and over that he won’t say another word until he get’s a lawyer. Beautiful. Have a listen below.


In 2010, the band released the first of three albums (the last of which will be released this fall), that introduces a new Kaizer era,  storywise. This trilogy of albums have left the mafia behind, instead focusing on a new group of characters: Violeta, her father Kenneth and her mother Beatrice. Many years ago, Kenneth kidnapped his daughter and they’re still on the run from Beatrice, who’s pretty much completely insane and trying to find them.

One of Kaizer’s all-time greatest hits is “Hjerteknuser” (heartbreaker), a song that illustrates the longing Violeta feels for her mother. In the song “Drøm videre, Violeta” (dream on, Violeta), the girl is reminiscing about her childhood, when her family was whole and happy. Don’t feel too bad for her though, it turns out daddy’s right to keep Violeta away from her mother. The song “Den romantiske tragedien” (the romantic tragedy) describes how mother and daughter is standing on the roof of a building, Beatrice planning to step over the edge and urging her daughter to do the same.


Now if you’ll excuse me, Boyfriend is home for the weekend, and we’re gonna go enjoy our common interests, while not eating boiled mutton. I’ll leave you on your own to enjoy the music (and to google translate the lyrics).

When Boyfriend Is Away

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…the chick flicks dance on the dvd-player. This spring, Boyfriend has been buzy taking a math course in another town, leaving me alone a few days a week to spend some quality time with my TV. Although we’ve missed Boyfriend, the TV and I have had some jolly hoots together watching a bunch of romantic movies.

This week I’ve watched two rom-coms, one awesome and one awful. These are my reviews. Feel free to guess which is which.

Waiting for Forever

Short summary: When Emma’s father falls ill, Will follows his one true love back to their home town where they grew up together. Emma is a sensible, sweet somewhat-succesful TV-actress, whereas Will is a pajama-wearing drifter slash dreamer with a bowler hat, living and breathing only for Emma.

This is one of those sweet, quirky movies with that special indie sort of feel to it. The story line felt original and fresh, not following that typical rom-com recipe that we know all too well. I was actually surprised at some of the plot twists, which is rare. Will and Emma’s love story was adorably bittersweet, and I couldn’t help but root for them through it all. The story was strengthened by some great side plots with supporting characters that were lovable and layered, and not just exactly what they seemed at first sight.

My favourite character, though, was Will. Obviously. I loved him, absolutely loved him, from the moment he spoke his first sentence, while the screen was still black, rolling the opening credits. His quirky, positive, slightly insane outlook on life and love, although arguably naive, made this movie what it is: brilliant, funny, sad, sweet, adorable. Pick an adjective. Or just watch the trailer below.


New Year’s Eve

This movie revolves around several separate love stories all set in New York on New Year’s Eve, following in the tradition paved way by the masterpiece that is Love Actually. The sad thing is, New Year’s Eve is not a masterpiece. In fact, I was disappointed to discover that it’s a steaming piece of something else altogether.

BEWARE! Some spoilers ahead.

How do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways. First of all, I found the movie lacking in the charm department and overloaded in the cheese department. There were way too many love stories to really get into either one of them, and there were some really odd couplings. In fact, I found almost all of them odd, and moreover, completely lacking in chemistry. Katherine Heigl and Jon Bon Jovi had one of the most horrendously sucky story lines and chemistry in the movie, and instead of rooting for them, as I believe the audience was meant to, I kept hoping she’d stick to her decision to dump his sorry ass.

Second, why does Lea Michele always, ALWAYS have to sing?

Third, Hilary Swank’s character’s overly dramatic crisis when the big ball wouldn’t drop, annoyed the crap out of me. The parallell to a hysterical mother in the doctor’s office fretting about how her son’s junk just won’t hit puberty, is striking. I hate hysterical parents, and I hated Hilary Swank and her stuck-up ball. Predictably, the whole thing was easily fixed by her giving a cheesy speech on TV, making everyone not care about the damn ball anymore, which was even more annoying, because, jeez people, is it a crisis or is it not? Make up your minds and stick to your guns! Don’t let cheese and platitudes placate you! I was really hoping for an angry mob lynching scene, although I knew it would never come, because that might actually have been a surprising plot twist.

One of the few redeeming qualities about this movie, though, was Zac Efron’s character, who was actually likable and entertaining. His coupling with Michelle Pfeiffer was a little bit on the creepy side though, especially since I had the feeling she was going to kill herself at the end. I was a little disappointed that she didn’t. However, her dance with Zac Efron in the end made me glad she didn’t. Okay that was a lie. I really am a good person.

So, all in all, if you haven’t seen New Year’s Eve, then good for you! Keep it up. However, if you enjoy fun and quirky love stories, I definitely recommend Waiting for Forever. If you’ve already seen one or both of these movies, feel free to argue or agree with me below.

Tag, You’re It!

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The other day, I was tagged to play 11 Questions by Chooksta from the Chicken Coop. The point of the game is for bloggers to get to know each other better and to have some fun while they’re at it. Seeing as I’m always up for some funsies, I decided to play along. So thank you, Chooksta, for the fun questions! I had a hoot and a half trying to answer them all 😉

The rules:

  1. Post the rules.
  2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post.
  3. Create 11 new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
  4. Tag 11 people and link them to your post.
  5. Let them know you’ve tagged them!


Chooksta’s eleven questions and my answers:

1. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was five years old I loved playing with my toy cash register, and wanted nothing more than to be a cashier at the Supermarket. By fifteen, I had expanded my horizons a bit, and wanted to be either an archeologist, an astronaut, a fighter pilot or the Queen of England.

I’ve since fulfilled exactly one of these dreams, and it’s not one I had at fifteen.

2. If you could have anything happen by the end of the day, what would it be?

To have Leonardo DiCaprio ditch whatever hussy he’s with this week and fall madly in love with me instead.

3. If you could wake up anywhere tomorrow, where would it be?

In Leonardo DiCaprio’s bed.

4. What do you think is the best quality a person can possess?

Oooh, that’s a toughy! Since I can only pick a single quality, I’m gonna go with ”humour” on this one.

5. What is an important lesson life has taught you?

Growing up, I was very shy (bordering on social phobia), had low self-esteem, and worried excessively about what other people thought of me. I never knew what to say or how to act around other people, and felt very insecure and anxious in social situations outside of my closest group of friends (in-which I could be quite bossy and determined). I distanced my peers by acting childish, because childish things felt safe and familiar, and also kept others from taking me too seriously. I don’t know exactly when I realized that this is no way to live, but sometime in my early twenties I slowly started to let go of my fears. So, if life so far has taught me anything, it’s to care less what other people may or may not think, and to believe more in myself. I’m still learning.

6. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose?


7. Are you happy?

Well, there’s definitely stuff in my life I wish I could change, but there’s also a lot of stuff that’s great. So all in all, I suppose I’m fairly happy.

8. Do you have a prized possession? Why is it important to you?

My waffle maker, because it makes delicious little waffles for my tummy, yummy yummy, give me more!

9. Are you working towards a goal? What is it?

Yes. I’m working towards the rather vague goal of becoming really good at what I do for a living. Right now, I’m still fairly fresh out of university and kind of a n00b.

10. Have you found Wally/Waldo?

I have! Saw him in the crowd at the mall once. Then later at a restaurant, and again on the bus. I wonder if the guy dressed like that on purpose.

11. Have you hugged someone today? If not, you should. Hugs are awesome!

I hug Boyfriend every day and give his tushy a good squeeze. Today is no different. Sometimes, though,  Boyfriend will complain that I’m blocking the TV, and I’ll have to regroup and attack him with sneak hugs instead. You’re right, Chooksta, hugs are the best!


My questions:

  1. Did you trick or get tricked by anyone on April Fool’s day? If so, how?
  2. What are your strengths?
  3. What are you afraid of?
  4. Who’s on your freebie list? (Remember, you can only pick five).
  5. If you ruled the world, what changes would you make?
  6. What do you look forward to right now?
  7. What’s your favourite book?
  8. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done?
  9. Which song would play during the end credits of the movie about your life?
  10. If time travel was possible and you got ONE ride (plus a return ticket), where and when would you go?
  11. Fluffy bunnies: yay or nay?


My taggees:

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(Mheretowrite, you know I would’ve tagged you if Chooksta hadn’t beat me to it!)


To my taggees: I hope you’re up for playing, I look forward to your answers 😀