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When Boyfriend Is Away

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…the chick flicks dance on the dvd-player. This spring, Boyfriend has been buzy taking a math course in another town, leaving me alone a few days a week to spend some quality time with my TV. Although we’ve missed Boyfriend, the TV and I have had some jolly hoots together watching a bunch of romantic movies.

This week I’ve watched two rom-coms, one awesome and one awful. These are my reviews. Feel free to guess which is which.

Waiting for Forever

Short summary: When Emma’s father falls ill, Will follows his one true love back to their home town where they grew up together. Emma is a sensible, sweet somewhat-succesful TV-actress, whereas Will is a pajama-wearing drifter slash dreamer with a bowler hat, living and breathing only for Emma.

This is one of those sweet, quirky movies with that special indie sort of feel to it. The story line felt original and fresh, not following that typical rom-com recipe that we know all too well. I was actually surprised at some of the plot twists, which is rare. Will and Emma’s love story was adorably bittersweet, and I couldn’t help but root for them through it all. The story was strengthened by some great side plots with supporting characters that were lovable and layered, and not just exactly what they seemed at first sight.

My favourite character, though, was Will. Obviously. I loved him, absolutely loved him, from the moment he spoke his first sentence, while the screen was still black, rolling the opening credits. His quirky, positive, slightly insane outlook on life and love, although arguably naive, made this movie what it is: brilliant, funny, sad, sweet, adorable. Pick an adjective. Or just watch the trailer below.


New Year’s Eve

This movie revolves around several separate love stories all set in New York on New Year’s Eve, following in the tradition paved way by the masterpiece that is Love Actually. The sad thing is, New Year’s Eve is not a masterpiece. In fact, I was disappointed to discover that it’s a steaming piece of something else altogether.

BEWARE! Some spoilers ahead.

How do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways. First of all, I found the movie lacking in the charm department and overloaded in the cheese department. There were way too many love stories to really get into either one of them, and there were some really odd couplings. In fact, I found almost all of them odd, and moreover, completely lacking in chemistry. Katherine Heigl and Jon Bon Jovi had one of the most horrendously sucky story lines and chemistry in the movie, and instead of rooting for them, as I believe the audience was meant to, I kept hoping she’d stick to her decision to dump his sorry ass.

Second, why does Lea Michele always, ALWAYS have to sing?

Third, Hilary Swank’s character’s overly dramatic crisis when the big ball wouldn’t drop, annoyed the crap out of me. The parallell to a hysterical mother in the doctor’s office fretting about how her son’s junk just won’t hit puberty, is striking. I hate hysterical parents, and I hated Hilary Swank and her stuck-up ball. Predictably, the whole thing was easily fixed by her giving a cheesy speech on TV, making everyone not care about the damn ball anymore, which was even more annoying, because, jeez people, is it a crisis or is it not? Make up your minds and stick to your guns! Don’t let cheese and platitudes placate you! I was really hoping for an angry mob lynching scene, although I knew it would never come, because that might actually have been a surprising plot twist.

One of the few redeeming qualities about this movie, though, was Zac Efron’s character, who was actually likable and entertaining. His coupling with Michelle Pfeiffer was a little bit on the creepy side though, especially since I had the feeling she was going to kill herself at the end. I was a little disappointed that she didn’t. However, her dance with Zac Efron in the end made me glad she didn’t. Okay that was a lie. I really am a good person.

So, all in all, if you haven’t seen New Year’s Eve, then good for you! Keep it up. However, if you enjoy fun and quirky love stories, I definitely recommend Waiting for Forever. If you’ve already seen one or both of these movies, feel free to argue or agree with me below.


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