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I cannot believe how long it’s been since my last post. In fact, I cannot believe how long it’s been since I’ve even been on the internet at all. For the past two months… wait for it… I’ve had no internet service! It’s been quite a horrifying, cave-like experience for me, as I’m sure you can imagine. Getting back online today has filled me with a nerdy joy that words cannot express!

Turns out, I’ve almost forgotten how to surf. Well, not really, but when I dusted off my web browser earlier this afternoon and praised heavens the dark days were over, I was quickly caught in an avalanche of spam sites while trying to do a simple google search, probably flooding my computer with all sorts of viruses. So, if I disappear from the grid again it’s probably because my computer is fighting off some demon shit computer influenza. You Tarzan, me n00b. Sigh.

As you can imagine, two months without internet have left me starved for important information about the goings-on of the outside world. Today I’ve spent hours on various gossip and cheezburger sites  – as well as several porn sites – trying to catch up on everything I’ve missed. Turns out, not much has changed. Well, sure, Angie’s leg has a Twitter page now with nearly 50.000 followers, but Coco’s ass has already been there, done that (thank you, porn spam). In other news, I see I’m back on the internet just in time for Anonymous to try to shut the damn thing back down on Saturday. Because, sure, why not? That’s just my luck.

Unless Anonymous succeeds, I’ll be back with a new post soon. In the meanwhile, please enjoy Joshua Radin’s ode to the interwebs below. Hooray!


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  1. Welcome back! 🙂

    I couldn’t survive 2 months with no internet, for most of the past month I have had no service myself and had to find somewhere to go daily to get online! It almost killed me to be so limited, but none at all – No I couldn’t do it!! well done for getting through it!

    • Thanks! It’s great to be back. I realised I’ve been taking internet for granted, but now that I’ve won it back I’ll never let it go again.

  2. Welcome back!!
    And thanks for posting my new favorite’s song 🙂 I have been listing to “Brand New Day ” for days now .

    • Brand New Day is really great! Just about everything he does is great, though 😀 One of my favourites is “No Envy, No Fear”.

  3. Tag, you’re it! I’ve tagged you to play a question and answer game! Check my latest blog post for the details!

  4. Well look who’s back:) I have missed you dearly girl, so happy you are back and blogging!!!

    Lol, I really don’t like the whole Angies leg thing. I find it almost painful to look at the pics of her and her leg sticking out…makes me think of dismembered limbs… :S


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