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Everything You Wanted, Everything You Don’t

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Hey, everyone, and happy new year. Yeah, yeah, I know, I hate new years too, but it’s considered rude not to mention it, and I’m a sucker for conformity. So, hope you’ve had a good 2011, and that your 2012 may be as wonderful as… blah blah blah. You catch my drift. Well, here we are again, back at square one, with a whole year ahead of us, to fill as we may with broken resolutions and the annually allotted five weeks of unpaid vacation we can’t afford to take. For me, the bright side is that I’ve now been a member of the work force for a whole year, so it’s only 39 more to go until I’m allowed to retire or drop dead from exhaustion. Yay!

Meanwhile, I have no choice but to begrudgingly find some means to pass the time, and as always, I choose to stand by the friend who’s always stood by me in return: the TV. January is that magical time of year when the TV execs in America deem us worthy of new episodes of our favourite shows, and thank heavens they let Vampire Diaries come back early this year!

For those of you who don’t give a crap about VD, the rest of this post is going to be less than exciting. Feel free to skip ahead to the music at the bottom. For anyone who’s still with me, and have yet to see the newest episode, go see it! Now! And then come back. For those who have already seen it, well, you know what I’m about to say, so I’m not even going to say it. Let’s just say, it’s disturbing how invested a somewhat grown-up human being can get in a fictional teenager’s love triangle with two 150-year old vampire brothers. I’m way more excited about this storyline than anyone with fully matured frontal lobes should be. I can’t even decide between Team Stefan and Team Damon, even though I’m usually very loyal to one side in these kinds of situations (I consider loyalty to one’s TV friends to be of utmost importance). This time, though, I can’t choose. So I say, slut it up, Elena! Go for them both. Katherine did, why shouldn’t you?

Oh, and that song that you’ve already googled, from that scene we’ve all replayed seventeen times, can be found below. It’s called “Holding On and Letting Go” by American singer-songwriter Ross Copperman, who I’ve actually heard of and listened to before, and who is now going back to his rightful spot on my playlist.

Follow up questions for you:
–    Team Stefan, Team Damon or Team Why-the-Hell-Choose?
–    What did you think of Meredith showing up as an adult, a doctor nonetheless, looking suspiciously like Crazy Nanny Carrie?
–    If you don’t give a crap about vampire drama, how was your new year’s celebration? Are you happy to be one year closer to the sweet relief of death retirement?


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  1. Put me down for Team-Go-For-Them-Both thank you! I actually think Dr Meredith looks suspiciously like Spencer Hastings older sister Melissa, also a little crazy if memory serves me right. Or was she just bitchy? Hm…

    • Haha! I’m pretty sure Melissa’s both bitchy and crazy. I suspect she might have killed Allison. Actually, I think the whole damn town took that little bitch down together 😉

  2. Love the song! i just replayed it five times! No make that six 🙂
    I had to stop watching Vampire Diaries at the middle of last season.. Will try to get it online someday.
    On other news, they are airing re-runs of Supernatural seasons 1 to 5. so going to stare (more like drool) at Jensen Ackles everyday 😉

    • Oooh, enjoy your Ackles drool-a-thon! One of my greatest fantasies is to be the meat in a Winchester sandwich! I guess I’m a slash fan lol 😉 Oh, and season 1-5 were definitely the best! It hasn’t been the same since Kripke left and Jared’s sideburns got out of control.

      Have you seen “Ten Inch Hero”? It’s the cutest little romantic comedy, and Jensen Ackles is so great in it, and so handsome even with the mohawk 😀

      • What a fantasy 😉 I guess ghoulies and ghosties have a better chance of running into them compared to us 🙂

        I have seen some clips from Ten inch hero, havent seen the whole movie yet.

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