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Gossip Girl Is Back (And So Is My Shame Spiral)

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Yeah, this is gonna be another TV related post. Sorry, but all I do lately is sleep, eat, work (yeah, I got the job, if you can believe it) and watch TV. Rinse and repeat. So I don’t really have anything else to write about this week, unless you want to know what I had for lunch today (two halves of a roll, with cheese and cucumber on one half and bologna on the other. I didn’t care for the sausage, but the cheese was ok).

So anyways, Gossip Girl is back, you guys! Is anybody still watching this show? You know, except me? For the life of me, I can’t figure out why I keep watching it. It probably has to do with my slightly OCD-like inability to leave something unfinished. I don’t know. All I know is, Gossip Girl and I are stuck with each other until The CW decides to put us both out of our misery.

This season picked up with Serena in California, working on some movie or other. There was a “previously on” in the beginning of the episode that tried to explain this all to me, but I seem to have forgotten (or repressed) a few things over the summer. Anyways, Serena is apparently working as some sort of assistant now, and totally impressing her bosses with her fetching skills. Naturally she’ll be moving upwards quickly. And naturally there is a new guy in the picture, only this one doesn’t like her very much. Can you believe he finds her annoying? Quite a shocker. I give it two episodes before he and Serena figures out they’re soul mates and then one more before he’s out and replaced by the next soul mate in line. So as not to kill the suspense for those who haven’t watched the episode, I won’t say any more about what Serena’s up to this season… I’m lying, I would totally say more if only I could remember. (Un)fortunately I seem to have a specific lapse in my attention span, causing my mind to drift off whenever Serena speaks. Maybe if I try really hard… nah, can’t even pretend I care. Moving on.

In this episode Chuck and Nate are also in California, because when they dramatically spun the globe in last season’s finale to let the fates decide where to take their bromance adventure, the fates apparently decided on L.A. Isn’t that convenient? In the beginning of the episode, we find Nate and Chuck on a yacht together along with a couple of girls (a.k.a their beards). Nothing new there. However, over the summer Chuck has taken up a new hobby of extreme sports. And before you get excited, I should tell you I’m using the Bella Swan definition of extreme here. Basically, he misses Blair, and now likes to drive motor cycles really fast. And fling himself of the occasional metaphorical cliff. Why? Because he’s Chuck Bass.

Also, at some point during this episode (and I don’t remember why exactly, Serena was speaking) Nate decides he no longer wants to be the Matt Donovan of this show, and decides to be interesting instead. Good choice! Here’s hoping it’ll last (spoiler alert: it won’t).

Meanwhile, back in New York, Blair is prepping for her wedding, and hilarious as ever, she expresses her discontent about following the royal traditions of the country whose prince she’s marrying (hand-me-downs are for charity and second children). Watching the Queen Bitch wield her powers, suddenly I remember why I watch Gossip Girl in the first place. I like Blair; she is the one redeeming quality about this show. And also, I’m a bit of a Dair-fan. There, I admitted it. Now, get rid of that prince already and bring on the Dairmance!


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  1. I have watched only a few episodes so not much idea about the show.

  2. But how can you stop watching the awesomeness that is Blair and Dan? Really, that is the only thing that makes me come back to this show now. Haven’t seen the newest episode yet but I like to gather a lot of episodes and watch them in one go so give me a few weeks and I will tell you if I still like this show or not 🙂 xoxo -Music Oracle!

    • Heheh, that’s exactly why I WILL keep watching! Blair’s story lines (and by association, therefore also Dan’s) are the only ones on this show that doesn’t suck or make me feel shameful or annoyed with myself for watching 😉 But the crap is nothing new, the season premiere was every bit as “good” as every other episode since the beginning of season 3. So if you have liked the show for the past two seasons, you’ll keep liking it. No worries 🙂


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