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Wake Me Up When September… Starts?

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Not even 30 minutes ago, my best friend called me complaining about the terrible autumn weather we’re having, and how awful it is that summer’s over. I couldn’t agree less. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy sweating and burning in the sun as much as the next girl, but come September, there’s finally something on TV again! Last week, my favourite shows finally started showing up on the screen again, one by one. Also, a few new ones came along and more is on the way! The following were the highlights of my past week on the couch (beware, some spoilers ahead).

Oh, Liam, How I’ve Missed You!

In the land where summer never ends and everybody’s pretty, we’ve already seen our favourite cast of tan people go through love triangles, teen pregnancies, fame, blackmail, fraud, murder and some seriously insane schemes worthy of the likes of Blair Waldorf. I’m sure this season won’t disappoint in the drama department! Two episodes in and we’ve already got a bitch that needs to be brought DOWN, a proposal, and a newly purchased bar where I suppose they’ll serve Yoo-Hoos with funny straws. Oh, and young papa Winchester is guest starring! I’m not afraid to admit (anonymously here on my blog) that I’m happy 90210 is back! It’s been a long summer with no Liam to rest my eyes on. Seriously.

Vampire Whiplash

Ah, I can’t even describe all the ways in which The Vampire Diaries is awesome. It’s such a roller coaster ride of twists and turns that I sometimes fear I’ll get a whiplash from all the drama. This show is in a league of its own. I’ve read the books, and they don’t even come close (seriously, what was with the flying foxes?). Finally, they’re back and as dramatic as ever! Stefan is sort of evil this season, only not really, I don’t know, but I like it. Matt’s finally got a clue, but is still a big dull dud, and hopefully a certain funny-as-hell vampire chick will realize and move on to the smoking hot werewolf (racial feud be damned). That is, if she even survives till the next episode! So exciting! Now, if only Ian Somerhalder would please drop the MacGyver hair-do, I’d be the happiest fan they ever had.

Honorable Mention

Also starting this past week, was newbie show The Secret Circle, based on the book series by L. J. Smith, the same author who wrote The Vampire Diaries. I haven’t read the books, so I don’t really know what to expect. Judging by the pilot, though, it looks promising! The pilot wasn’t great, there were some weirdly scripted scenes, like the one where one supposedly bad-ass witch uses her incredible powers to turn out some lights and make it rain. Kind of anti-climactic, no? However, the actors were good, at least the ones that matter, and the plot was exciting enough to make me tune in next week.

This Week’s Moment to Re-watch!

How hot was Barney & Robin’s dance on the season premiere of How I Met Your Mother? I was absolutely transfixed during that entire scene, it completely blew my mind! I vaguely remember my boyfriend saying something about Robin’s hair being weird, but seriously, I wasn’t even looking at her! Ah, it’s too bad NPH is gay, not to mention married to Scooter, with children, nonetheless (otherwise I’d totally have a shot, right?). If you have yet to see the hawtness overload, take a peek below! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a clip of the dance scene in its entirety on the interwebs, so if you want more go see the episode already!


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  1. Maybe that bff of yours doesn’t have a car and she doesn’t enjoy long walks in the rain?

    I do agree with all the shows coming back is the one good thing about September tho! I have seriously missed Tyler, Caroline, Stefan, Damon, Elena and not Matt this summer. I am a little excited about The Secret Circle, I think it has potential to be great.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go learn that dance from HIMYM! Where is my chair?

  2. ‘How I Met Your Mother?’ is the best comedy (other than Friends 🙂 ). The new season of Vampire Diaries is supposed to start next week here; waiting for it!!


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